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Next Time” Wall Installation, 2011
Berkay Tuncay & Merve Şendil Collaboration
Unsatisfied dialogues in human relations in every field, tendency to be flexible according to other people, lead to a state of feeling incomplete. One of the methods of coping with this situation mostly supported by major disappoinments is a person’s self-direct to animals, objects and his/her struggle to satisfy spiritual needs with them. In this direction, Merve Şendil, symbolizing the state by imitating the deer which seems so calm generally but shows violent reactions against those who interfere with it’s territory. In his slogan, Berkay Tuncay reveals the disgust created by the relationships’ probable bad scenarios by admitting it. Tuncay also points out the individuals –labeled “beyond normal” according to the 
society - refuse to live with other people and are in communication with animals and seek satisfaction in them. Similarly, when taking a look at people looking for happiness in objects, their obsession with the objects on the basis of worship tells that this type of isolation could be found more harmless by them. From Merve Şendil’s deer and relaxed figure on the table to Berkay Tuncay’s “non-standard” individuals, this situation can be observed as a sense of determined loneliness.
Thus, the works created by the pair, in general, an ironic expression of human relationships’ unsolvable nature which sentenced to failure and anxiety.