Üç Şehrin Hikayesi//The Story Of 3 Cities

A country that has three diverse cities…and diverse people...

The people of one of those cities were folks who lived their lives in serenity and comfort as they soared up and down and sometimes glided through air.

In another city, people have been compelled to let themselves drop down from a height for a relief. Otherwise they would threaten the rest of the citizens with their aggression provoked by fury and misery.
Because of their differences people of these three cities have completely banned any travel whatsoever between cities. All those people, unable to understand one another and could not communicate with each other have always been faithful to that rule for the sake of protecting their tranquility and happiness. However, life continued like this until those who jump from high to relax and calm their aggression encountered a massive urban devastation that occurred following an unfortunate natural gas explosion in their city. This natural gas explosion led to the collapse of many buildings and towers.

Anger of the ones who were not able to find a high place to jump aroused great fear among the people of other cities. Therefore, for the first time intercity pass became permitted for construction of high buildings. When the buildings were completed and it was time to leave the city, with the curiosity to see a foreign city, one of those citizens who jump from a height furtively sneaked into the city of the backward-talkers together with them.

This foreigner in the city of the backward-talkers entered one of the buildings then climbed up to a window of an unoccupied apartment and as a usual habit jumped out of the window… There were some citizens who noticed the situation and were shouting from behind that the result of this behavior would be death. But the foreigner who was going for a relief would not be able to understand their warnings since they were not speaking the same language.

Gece Düşerken// Falling in night-time
El Örmesi//Hand knit
230x143 cm.

Gündüz Düşerken// Falling in Daytime
El Örmesi//Hand knit
233x138 cm.