Merve Şendil CV-2013

Merve Şendil

1982 – was born in Ankara

Lives and works in Istanbul-Izmir

2004-2007 became a member and worked as a studio artist at the K2 Contemporary
Art Center, an artist initiative.

2007_ founded the “Underscene Project” .


1999-2004_ Dokuz Eylül University Fine Arts Department, Drawing

Artist residency: 

ArtCenter/Istanbul, Borusan Culture and Arts Foundation, 2008 – 2010
Sextante et plus- Marseille, France- 2009
Approach Art Association (Közelítés Művészeti Egyesület) from Pécs, Hungary, 2010

Solo Exhibitions:

2012_”BirdDay” Pi Art Works, (Mısır apt.)- Istanbul, Turkey
2010_” A country with three diverse cities” Outlet Gallery- Istanbul,Turkey
2008 _“DDR Diskografi” –  MASA Project- Apartman Project - Istanbul, Turkey
2006 _”Circle" – K2 Contemporary Art Center - Izmir, Turkey
2004 _"Urban-ism (Urban –My Trace)" _ Iletisim Gallery, - Izmir, Turkey

Selected Group Exhibitions:

2013_ ”Dream Woven Within A Dream”_Asfalt Gallery, Istanbul-Turkey

2012_” Who Left What Behind”- Ankara Contemporary Art Centre, Turkey
2012_”Coca-Cola Red Collection” - Istanbul,Turkey
2012_” “In The Topography of The Irregular Mind”, Roumeli Han, Istanbul, Turkey 

2012_”Özyeğin University Contemporary Art Collection” Istanbul, Turkey

2011_”ArtBeat” - Lütfi Kırdar Convention and Exhibition Centre-Istanbul, Turkey
2011_”Kargaşa 11” -Kargart- Istanbul,Turkey
2011_”UBIK”, Hayaka Artı”- Istanbul, Turkey

2010_ ’’Mind Models: The First Show’’-The Borusan Music House -Istanbul, Turkey
2010_ “Emploi-Saisonnier”- Sextant et Plus - Marseille, France
2010_ “Lives and works in Istanbul” - Antrepo no.5 - Istanbul-Turkey
2010_” 10th Year Exhibition” - KASA Gallery-Istanbul,Turkey

2009_”Chicken Monkey (surf rock) Demo Album Design Workshop” by Underscene Project – Borusan ArtCenter _ Istanbul, Turkey
2009- “Relative Position and Conclusion” – Suriye Pasajı_ Istanbul, Turkey
2009- “Material Picture” – American Hospital’s art gallery, Operation Room_ Istanbul-Turkey

2008-“DDR Diskografi” - MASA Project- Apartman Project_ Istanbul, Turkey
2008- “I Reject to be Normal “ - Outlet Gallery- Istanbul,Turkey

2007_”Peer 2 Peer” workshop _ K2 Contemporary Art Cernter_ Izmir, Turkey
2007_”Hope is a Good Thing”_AtelierFrankfurt_Frankfurt, Germany
2007_”DDR Demo Album Design Workshop” by Underscene Project _K2 Contemporary
Art Center _ Izmir, Turkey
2007_ Istanbul Biennial, curated by Hou Hanru, Special Projects, K2 Artists Initiativecollective
participation, Sanralistanbul, İstanbul, Turkey

2006_”Circle”_K2 Contemporary Art Center (room exhibition)_ Izmir, Turkey
2006- “One Minute Film & Video Festival”, Switzerland

2005_”Other’s Chance”_K2 Contemporary Art Center_Izmir, Turkey
2005_” New Suggestions, New Proposels” _Borusan Gallery _Istanbul, Turkey
2005_”A Little Break” _Activity of Universiade_K2 Contemporary Art Center_Izmir,
2005-”One Minute Film& Video Festival”, Switzerland
2005-”The little , the cheap , the trash and absolutely passionate “_ HIAP Studios, Helsinki, Finland
2005_”Alice vs. Alice” _ Kasa Gallery_ Istanbul, Turkey

2004_”Urban-izm (Urban –My Trace)” _ Iletisim Gallery_Solo exhibition, Izmir, Turkey
2004_”The nude leaving the place” _K2 Contemporary Art Center_Izmir, Turkey
2004_”The city -engraver “ _ KUTU v.1 (portable art gallery)_Izmir, Turkey
2004_”that’s the city” _K2 Contemporary Art Center (room exhibition)_Solo exhibition,
Izmir, Turkey


2010_ “Lives and works in Istanbul (Peter Kogler workshop)” _ İstanbul, Turkey
2010_ “Freefall” Apartment Project _ İstanbul, Turkey
2009_"Chicken Monkey (surf rock) Demo Album Design Workshop" by Underscene Project –Borusan ArtCenter _ Istanbul, Turkey
2007_"DDR Demo Album Design Workshop" by Underscene Project -K2 Contemporary Art Center _ Izmir, Turkey
2007_"Peer 2 Peer" workshop _ K2 Contemporary Art Cernter_ Izmir, Turkey